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Curriculum internationalization: Toward a Global Community

The Meeting of Superior Education Good Practices and Internationalization is an initiative from the Colombia Internationalization Network (affiliated to ASCUN), whose first version was held in March 2019, in which 33 superior education institutions coming from 13 Colombian cities participated. The purpose of the event is to create a space to socialize good practices and significant experiences in the internationalization process for the administrative and academic staff of the Superior Education Institutions which belong to the RCI.

The good practices BP (for its initials in Spanish) are a documented institutional experience which responds to concrete needs and objectives, which due to the achieved goals have shown to be effective on the improvement and perfection of a certain context, and allows to be applied in other contexts. For this second version the event aims to the staff of International Relations Offices and the teachers who manage internationalization, in or der to share successful experiences on internationalization matters, by having as a fundamental axe the curriculum internationalization.


  1. To transfer successful experiences on curriculum internationalization processes for the International Relations Offices and internationalization managing teachers.
  2. To create interchange and discussion spaces which allow the formulation of new internationalization experiences among the Superior Education Institutions which belong to the RCI.

Methodology: The event will have four learning spaces:

  1. Key Note Speaker: Internationalization at Home by Joe Beelem.
  2. Good Practices Socialization on Curriculum Internationalization (Call).
  3. Joint Projects Idealization workshop on curriculum internationalization.
  4. Reporting and conclusions.

Memories: The memories digital publication will be done by the editorial brands: Publicar- Tecnológico de Antioquia, Institución Universitaria CEIPA e Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano – ITM.

Cost: The event will be free for the Superior Education Institutions members of RCI. For the others the event will cost 150,000 COP.

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