10th Latin American and Caribbean
Higher Education Conference

August 13th, 20th and 27th

Rewiring International Education

The world, and higher education along with it, is transforming before our eyes in the midst of emergencies and societal needs. Amidst the paramount health, social and economic concerns, Higher Education Institutions are also presented with an opportunity to rethink and reshape comprehensive international education. Many institutions have faced similar change circumstances before, whether because of political upheavals, hurricanes, earthquakes, illness, or other challenges. As we rewire international education after months of upheaval, we aim for LACHEC Online to be a space that energizes the discussion on the emerging role of Higher Education in shaping global citizens acting from their own contexts; an education that promotes collaboration, partnership building, innovation and global engagement; a goal that acknowledges the leading role of teaching practices of professors committed to the education of humane changemaker professionals.



The Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education Conference

LACHEC, which will for the first time be fully online, will present three themes focusing on rewiring higher education:

1) The Emerging Role of International Education: Fostering Global Citizenship
2) Innovation for a Sustainable Future
3) Rethinking Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Over the course of three weeks, LACHEC will shed light on rewiring internationalization in higher education through a series of panel discussions, workshops, plenary sessions, e-campfires, and networking spaces, both synchronously and asynchronously.


The conference will be split into two 3-hour shifts every day, morning and afternoon, compound of academic, social and networking sessions per shift. There will be concurrent sessions focusing on the three above conference themes following different formats such as traditional panel sessions, workshops, and campfire discussions. Furthermore, each day will include a keynote session in the morning and special workshops in the afternoon. Sessions will be delivered in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Networking sessions will be done in-app and with complementary social activities.


Dates: August 13,20,27 

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