Networking Opportunities during
LACHEC Online 2020

Participants in LACHEC Online 2020 will be able to network in a variaty of options:

  • Connect participants individually
  • Meet-up sessions for small groups of participants
  • Discussion Forums
  • Networking sessions from network initiatives
  • Social and cultural activities

1. Connect individually with your peers

Through Whova, the online platform used by the event, each participant will be able to meet other participants and connect individually with them by instant messages.

Whova will also allow each participant to describe their profile, mention the institutions with which they have any affiliation, and their professional and academic training, among other interests. This way, participants are able to determine with whom they wish to meet and follow up directly on common discussions topics in pre arranged one-on-one meeting.

2. Meet-up Sessions

Through a variety of meetings of no more than 40 participants each, participants can have abnother way of connect with other participants, while they learn about topics of common interest that foster interaction and connection. The event’s themes are designed to increase participants’ productivity in digital environments, while building networking relationships with others.

3. Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums are also one of the networking opportunities that will be offered during LACHEC ONLINE 2020. This assincronic will allow to create communities around specific topics of common interests at a professional or cultural level. The Forums will also allow all participants to express their reflections, opinions, thoughts and contributions on the proposed themes, promoting alternative ways of connecting and learning from others.

The topics for these forums will be focus on common interest, such as: Internationalization at Home, virtualization, research, innovation, among others.

4. Networking sessions from network initiatives

Based on common interest initiatives that will be promoted by different networks of higher education institutions in Latin America and the world, the conference will promote networking spaces that allow participants to develop concrete short and medium term proposals.

5. Social and cultural activities

LACHEC Online 2020 will allow participants not only to share their professional interest, but also, to develop strong relationships from other team-work activities. The event, will feature virtual tours around places of interest, approaches to iconic cultural expressions of our country and active pauses to keep participants dynamic and active during sessions.