Focus and scope

ObIES magazine is a scientific and periodic publication of the Observatory of the Colombian Network for the Internationalization of Higher Education (RCI). It is published by the Francisco José de Caldas District University (UDFCJ), as an open means of communication with the academic community for specialized development in the context of the internationalization of higher education, and disseminates partial or final results of research.

The journal supports articles on the following topics:

  • Public policy for the internationalization of Higher Education and Science, Technology and Innovation (CT + I).
  • Management of internationalization and cooperation.
  • Internationalization of the curriculum / research / extension.
  • Academic mobility.
  • Interculturality.
  • Education and inclusion.
  • Technological innovation for internationalization management.

The journal admits articles in Spanish and English, as well as in the following typologies:

  • Scientific and technological research article: presents the results of completed research projects. Includes introduction, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Reflection article: presents results of completed research projects from an analytical, interpretive or critical perspective of the author.
  • Review article: presents results of completed research projects where published or unpublished results are analyzed, systematized and integrated to account for progress and trends in a topic.
  • Short article: briefly presents preliminary or partial original results of research projects.
  • Case report: presents the results of a study on a particular situation in order to publicize technical and methodological experiences of a specific case. It includes a review of the literature on analogous cases.